Competition in the Digital Market: anti-competitive practices

Tablet show Google Search page
Companies have publicized their services and products in the digital market through sponsored links

With the development of business on the internet, companies began to use this resource to advertise their services and products, aiming to increase their market reach.

It is very common that the dissemination of services and products in the digital market takes place through the so-called sponsored link, a paid service, in which keywords are purchased on search sites, allowing the creation of advertisements made on pages related to the researched subject.

According to the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), the Brazilian consumer is more attracted to online shopping each day. In the survey carried out last year, 47.9% of companies noticed an increase in its sales due to the promotion of their services and products through paid advertisements on social media, in particular.

Most of them use the advertisement Facebook tool, Facebook Ads (50.9%), followed by the Instagram tool (46.7%) and Google (27.9%). [1]

On the other side, the internet has become an easy place to commit acts of unfair competition. A sharp increase in complaints and lawsuits for plagiarism or parasitic competition has followed the growth of economic activities in the digital world.