Bill that establishes the Emergency Program for Job and Income Maintenance becomes Law 14.020/2020

By Jorge M. Camatta

The 128th Edition of the Official Gazette, published on July 7th, officialized the announcement made by President Jair Bolsonaro on social media approving Law 14.020/2020, which establishes the Emergency Program for Job and Income Maintenance. What was before addressed by Provisional Measure n# 936 is now law. The law results from the conversion of Bill n# 15/2020 and was awaiting presidential approval since June 16th.

The Emergency Subsidy will be paid by the Federal Government directly to employees through the Economy Bureau. Its calculation basis will be the monthly amount of unemployment insurance that the employee would have access and may reach up to R$ 1,803.00 per month. The greatest news is that the periods of employment contract suspension and work hours decrease, as well as wage decrease before established in maximum of 60 and 90 days respectively, now may be extended by Federal Government.

This is how adjustments to the working journey may take place under the new law: