The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic regarding the spread of COVID-19.
Companies are facing a new reality and several difficulties to adapt to new scenarios.

Within the legal scope, many actions have been taken to seek to reduce the impacts that the new coronavirus has caused on business. Thus, we have prepared a series of materials addressing some issues that can assist you during this period.

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Tax Transaction: a new horizon for the Brazilian taxpayer

Andreia Moraes and J. Rubens Scharlack talk about the tax transactions of Federal Law 13,988 / 2020 and Ordinances PGFN 9,917 and 9,924 / 2020.

What will be of your company in the Post-Covid-19 scenario? Legal Insights

In order to help companies and investors face this unique period in our lives and prepare for the future, Scharlack has prepared a webinar to share insights and possible paths during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Covid-19 and the Legal Impacts

In the e-book "Covid-19 and the Legal Impacts", we discuss the effects that the coronavirus has caused in the world and its respective legal consequences, including themes related to the following areas of Law: Contractual, Digital, Civil, Corporate, Labor and Tax. To access the content, click on the button below.


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We continue to monitor the legal impacts of Covid-19 in Brazil. Below, you will have access to our analysis regarding the following areas of the law:

  • Contractual

  • Digital

  • Business

  • Corporate

  • Labor

  • Tax

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